BEGINNER SCHEDULE  - Effective February 15th, 2018

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Simply pick a time and wear some loose and comfortable clothes!!
KIDS CLASSES are 30 minutes.  TEEN & ADULT CLASSES are 45 minutes.

For this class and age group we focus on paying attention, following directions, and controlling the wiggling!

Mon. 4:30pm

Tues. 11:00am & 6:00pm

Weds. 4:30pm

Thurs. 11:00am & 5:15pm

Fri. 4:30pm

Sat. 10:15am

KIDS (AGE 6-11)
This program is focused on goals that help students gain confidence, show respect, and learn discipline.

Mon. 4:30pm

Tues. 6:00pm

Weds. 5:15pm

Thurs. 5:15pm

Fri. 6:00pm

Sat. 10:15am

TEENS (AGE 12-15) & ADULTS (AGE 16+)
Exercise, stress relief & an escape from the daily routine are goals for this group.

Mon. 7:30pm  (Teens & Adults) 

Tues. 11:45am (Teens & Adults) & 6:45pm (Teens only) &  7:30pm (Adults only)

Weds. 6:45pm (Teens & Adults)

Thurs. 11:45am(Teens & Adults)  &  6:45pm (Teens only) & 7:30pm (Adults only)

Fri. 6:45pm   (Teens & Adults) Casual Friday

Sat. 11:00am  (Teens & Adults)